Monday, December 6, 2010

The Vick is Back

Have you heard? Michael Vick is starting to get his swagger back. At least that's what sports writers are saying about him.

Successfully prosecuted for torturing and killing several dogs involved in his very own dog fighting enterprise, Vick spent 17 months in prison. Most animal lovers, including the author, would like to have seen him locked up for 17 years.

But, as is the case with much in life, if there is money to be made by a public figure, an amazing amount of sins, transgressions, even criminalities, take a back seat. In Vick's case, his former employer, the NFL, opened their arms and took him back in to the multi-million dollar a year fold. The Philadelphia Eagles tapped him as their backup quarterback and when their usual quarterback was injured, Vick stepped right back in to the spotlight.

When the NFL Eagles hired Vick fresh from the penitentiary, a collective amnesia began. Vick's victims, the beautiful dogs subjected to unreal atrocities, many directly by Vick's hand, were all but forgotten. After all, Vick has thrown 15 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions since he stepped in to the position. There is money to be made!

These days we are subjected to articles from star- struck sports writers with titles such as, "Vick has become a true leader for young Eagles." There's a lot of talk about what an inspiration Vick is, what a born leader and decent man he is. Yes, the amnesia is just about complete.

“I have all the belief in the world of those guys," Vick is quoted as saying, referring to his Eagle team mates, "and I think the world of them and I’d go to battle with them any day."

Too bad you didn't give your dogs that kind of love and loyalty, Michael Vick. But then, you only murdered the ones who didn't make money for you and the green stuff is really the bottom line, isn't it?

I find it ironic that Vick is now the money maker - again. He received a second chance, something his dogs did not. And if he stops performing well and bringing in the bucks on game days, he'll receive something else he never gave those dogs - mercy.

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