Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Focus on pet travel safety

I just found about something called, "Pet Travel Safety Day." The first annual celebration was January 2, so I'm a couple of days late to the discussion. But it's a topic I feel deserves some attention, especially because so many people in Florida travel with their pets.

Pet Travel Safety Day was designed to focus people's attention on the risks pets face when traveling with their human companions via automobiles and airplanes, as well as the dangers that lurk for them in hotels and recreational facilities.

We like the website because their philosophy echoes ours. FloridaPets.net's logo is, "They're part of the family, so take them along." And the Pet Travel Safety people remind us to also, "Protect your pets as you would yourself and your children."

The Pet Travel Safety group was started by a former paramedic who too often saw the results of unrestrained animals in vehicles. The site offers tips for keeping a beloved travel buddy safe, such as: How to properly install pet car seats or restraints, and more.

For more information on this topic, visit National Pet Travel Safety Day.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Seniors for Seniors

What is a new year? It's 365 brand new days, filled with fresh opportunities and retooling. Humans and animals alike deserve second chances.

Safe Animal Shelter (SAFE) in Middleburg is working to help older cats in Florida get their do-overs. They've developed "Seniors for Seniors" as a way to match up older felines with older people in an effort to give both groups some special love.

A Snuggle Session is scheduled every Tuesday at the Safe Animal Shelter to give some awesome folks an opportunity to hang out with some cool cats. There's lots of petting and purring going on, but this action isn't rated R. Like humans, animals understand touch, voice, and attention. Also like humans, they downright thrive on all of it.

If you don't yet have any new year's resolutions, here's an easy one to keep: visit SAFE on a Tuesday and find a furry buddy with whom to enjoy every day in 2011 - and beyond.

Should you fall in love with one of the cats you meet at a Snuggle Session, SAFE will make him or her available to you as a no-cost adoption after the application process. If adoption isn't the best arrangement for you at this time, you could consider a long-term foster plan (whether you are a senior or not.)

For more information about "Seniors for Seniors", visit Safe Animal Shelter.