Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do I think?

I was telling someone the other day what I did for a living and when I mentioned owning FloridaPets.net, the person asked if I found Florida to be pretty pet-friendly - overall.

I thought about it for a minute or two before replying and decided to use what I had to say as a blog entry. After all, some of you may like to know if I think Florida is generally pet-friendly and if not, what could be improved.

I placed FloridaPets.net online in October, 2001, so one could say I've been in the midst of all things pet-friendly for about a decade. So my answer is that I find Florida to be a bit less pet-friendly than it was nine years ago. There are some areas of the state more OK with dogs in public than others. But I'm noticing more and more public places, such as beaches and parks, closing their doors to the pooches.

Why is that?

The way I see it, the problem doesn't usually involve just the dogs; dogs are too pure and loving to be a problem all by themselves. The main reason places are becoming less pet-friendly is all the dog poop left by humans who don't bother to clean it up.

I have a pretty strong belief that if it were just up to the dogs, most would clean up after themselves and would only be seen in public with well-behaved humans.

So, that's what I think. What do you think?

By the way, we've been using the cool purple biodegradable poop bags shown above and just love them. Check them out!