Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yeast Bread Dough Latest No-No for Pets

Well, it makes sense. Let your dog gobble down a bunch of bread dough - or maybe you don't let him, he just does it - and he can get quite sick.

I knew this on some level; I just didn't know why. Seems once the dough has been eaten, it can rise to the point of causing an intestinal obstruction. Yikes!

The yeast creates another problem, in that it can ferment sugars and that's a whole separate mess because it can cause ethanol (yes, alcohol!) poisoning in an animal.

Seems what's not good for humans isn't good for animals either.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Need help keeping your pet?

If the economy has made you feel like a rubber band and you're currently stretched to the max, please don't think that getting rid of the family pet is the best way to save money. It's during times like this, when you're stressed, even lonely, that having the kind of unconditional love a pet provides is helpful, even downright necessary. has put together a resource page called "Aid for Pets - and Their Pepole." If you need help caring for your pet, we've got some great resources for free or low cost assistance that can help you keep your pet healthy and yourself sane. Here are some of the highlights:

*** Regular and emergency veterinarian care.
*** Low cost or free spaying and/or neutering.
*** Solutions to housing issues.
*** Prescription drugs for pets.
*** Pet food.
*** Dog coats for pets of homeless people.
*** Prescription and dental care for the humans.
*** And much more - for both pets and people.

Happy Holidays!