Thursday, October 18, 2007

Many cities in Florida are friendly to pets

A recent article on (which I've linked to in the title above,) reported the best cities in the U.S. to be a dog, according to the editors at Dog Fancy.

Florida was represented by Orlando. While we agree O-Town is indeed pet friendly, I mean that is where doggie dining came out the dog door, it is by no means the only city in the sunshine state that welcomes the Fidos and Fluffys of the world. Here are a couple more additions we'd make to the best cities list, in no particular order, and we'll add more later. And we'll even do a future blog about the not-at-all pet friendly cities in Florida.

1. Miami Beach

Thanks to a terrific group called Responsible Dog Owners of Miami Beach, there are now more wag friendly places and events in south Florida than you can shake a dog biscuit at.

2. Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach

Hey, this is my old stomping ground. Having, it's been interesting to hear about folks from other parts of the state who get all twisted up and downright weird about dogs on the beach, in shoppes, at outdoor restaurants patios and in motels and hotels. While this island hasn't totally gone to the dogs, there is no fuss attitude about companion animals and therefore, they're welcome in many places, including on the beach - always have been and if we can keep the uptight folks away, always will be, I hope!

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