Thursday, October 4, 2007

Eh, "Do No Harm" applies to your dog, too, doc!

Accused of leaving his dog in his hot BMW, Dr. Chris Nussbaum has been charged with animal cruelty, according to a story published on The Hillsborough doc left his 10-year-old female Rhodesian Ridgeback in his locked car in the parking lot of Southbay Hospital in Sun City Center.

Investigators from the Hillsborough County Animal Services were alerted to the situation by a witness. They were just getting ready to break the car's windows to rescue Rainbow when Nussbaum arrived. He was issued a notice to appear in court and was released.

Rainbow didn't fare as well. Investigators took her from Nussbaum and had her evaluated by a veterinarian, but she was later returned to Nussbaum who was told to take her to his vet for treatment. I would imagine Rainbow is hoping for no more car rides.

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