Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Companion Therapy Laser brings hope

A few years ago, I injured my back teaching my youngest border collie to catch a Frisbee. (I know, I know, shouldn't she have been teaching ME?) Due to that injury, two herniated disks, nerve involvement, and lots of arthritis, pain has become a constant and unwelcomed addition to my life.

Therefore, I have been constantly on the look out for new non-invasive, non-drug treatments that will decrease my pain, not just the money in my pocketbook.

Recently, during my weekly online research, I came across an article about laser therapy for dogs. It's called Companion Therapy Laser. Although also used for human members of sports teams, it does not appear to be something that will help me - at least not at this time. Nonetheless, I wanted to share it with readers with pets who might benefit from the information.

Here's how it works: The veterinarian directs a concentrated beam of light that stimulates cell growth and promotes blood flow into the injured part of the dog's body. Experts with the Newark-based LiteCure company, where the laser is produced, say it treats muscle and joint soreness and can be used as part of a surgery recovery program. A treatment only takes one to five minutes and can cost about $20 for a one-time post-surgical procedure or up to around $240 for a full therapeutic regimen.

For more information about this treatment, visit Companion Therapy Laser.

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