Saturday, February 13, 2010

People with Pets Vote

During the last Presidential campaign, we all heard about one of the candidates who had "allegedly" once strapped the family dog to the top of the family station wagon before heading across country for a family vacation. You know which guy I mean - the family man, of course!

Not only did I find the idea horrifying, I also knew I could never vote someone like that into public office. A man - or woman - with such total disregard for the comfort and safety of an animal under their care would not be able to gain my confidence for doing anything more than changing a roll of toilet paper while behind bars.

The whole thing got me wondering about which politicians were pet friendly and which ones were not. I mean, anyone can borrow a dog for an afternoon's photo shoot to make themselves look like a best friend to companion animals, great and small. But which ones have actually shared their lives with an animal or two for multiple years? Which ones are good, responsible pet parents? Which ones even use the advantage of their office to start some good pro-animal legislation that ends up making the lives of all animals just a little bit easier?

These were the things I wanted to know and so, I started digging and I asked some friends to do some digging too. The results of this research are detailed at Pet Friendly Florida Politicians. There's a lot of information here, gathered from several people's efforts, but if you know something none of us found out, please, please, send it on to me and I'll add it to our list.

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