Sunday, June 7, 2009

Those running on empty need your help

An emergency situation concerning humans and animals has arisen and the readers of this blog are the very people who can help.

There is a homeless camp in the southeast area of Gainesville, Florida, called "Tent City." There are humans, cats, and dogs living here - all God's creatures without homes, banded together to survive on very little.

People in this situation are the most vulnerable among us and need to be provided with a safe space to rest, to sleep, especially children. Unfortunately, these "tent cities" do not enjoy zealous protection from the dangerous elements of society and security is not assured.

There were two stabbings at the Gainesville "Tent City" this past week and now the property owners are asking the police to "enforce the trespass laws" and evict the tenants by Thursday, June 11. (It's important to note the perpetrator was not a usual visitor to the "city." He had twice been convicted of homicide, yet amazingly recently released from prison.)

The people whose lives had no roots before will be uprooted once again and their next step in life unknown. Some of the homeless people will attempt to keep a pet with them - yes, homeless people often have pets too! But most of the animals will be left behind and will face disease, abuse, starvation or death.

If you can help the people, please contact Saint Francis House Homeless Shelter & Soup Kitchen at 352-378-9079. Donations of time and/or money would be appreciated.

You can help the animals by donating money to area animal groups who are actively engaged in helping these animals, by fostering and/or adopting one of the animals soon to be in need of a good home, by providing transportation to help with the round up of abandoned pets, pet carriers, pet food, leashes, collars and other pet supplies, please contact Elizabeth Howard, coordinator of the Home Van Pet Care Project at

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