Thursday, January 31, 2008

Animal also suffer from foreclosures

Florida is one of the states where the number of people losing their homes to foreclosure is highest. Unfortunately, their pets are losing their homes as well. While the people are moving on - most often to a rental house, apartment or the home of a family member - the pets are often not allowed to join them and are being left behind.

It's tragic enough that some of these animals will end up in shelters, after being with their family for years and years. But some are being abandonded in the very places they once loved and trusted life with their family. Sometimes someone is told the pet is there, so the animal can get proper care. More often, however, the pet is left to fend for itself, without water, food or understanding about what's going on.

Dogs and cats aren't the only victims. I read recently where people are also leaving their horses in the barns or fields as they walk away from their home...without a word to anyone.

It's understandable these people are in crisis and perhaps aren't thinking straight. Perhaps they need to vent and so, break out a light or two before they leave their home by force. While that's not a good thing to do, it comes from anger and frustration and despair. I couldn't imagine that kind of pain.

But there's something fundamentally immoral about leaving behind a living, breathing being that would have cheerfully given his or her life for their human. No matter how filled with anger or despair, humans should have enough respect for themselves to make sure their animals will be cared for if they can't take them along after losing their home.

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