Thursday, August 16, 2007

Brevard County pet people barkin' for beach space

The sign on any beach in Brevard County reads: NO DOGS ALLOWED ON THIS BEACH. Why, you ask? Hey, it's been that way for 37 years, darn it, so why not?

That's the attitude a lot of Brevard County folks have about the "No dogs on the our beaches" law, discussed in the news article our title has linked to above, and one that's about as archaic as bloomer bathing suits on women.

According to an article on, there are a total of 1100 miles of coastline in Florida. Yet Brevard's 72 miles of beach is off limits to dogs for fear of their doo-doo and them being intimidating to small children and beach wildlife. Hey, I've been to Brevard County, it's a pretty place - mostly. People don't seem to be scared of much, a shuttle crash, perhaps, but that's about it.

But I find it hard to believe the fear of doo-doo factor is so strong on this coast. I've seen some of the dirty baby diapers found along the same 72 miles nearly every day! And why are dogs more intimidating to small children and wildlife in Brevard County than they are around the rest of the state where, for the most part, there is at least one small portion of beach in each area where dogs are allowed to frolic with their humans? That just doesn't make sense.

The 37-year ban on dogs should change and here's why.

Providing at least one beach open to dogs and their people is good for touri$m. Residents of Florida without dogs are not the only people who travel around the state. Actually, one of the more common tourists of Florida has become the affluent gay couple from across the pond, who bring one or two of their precious fur children along on their vacation. Then there's the out of state families who load up the kids, the ones without and with fur, and head to Florida to spend lots of $$ before the school year begins again.

And oh, yeah, there's also the northern folks, who faithfully travel with their beloved pets and come down in the winter to relax and who spend enough money while here to keep us residents from having to pay a $tate $ales tax.

If you going to ban something, ban humans without manners, who leave their food, cigarette butts, and other icky litter all over the place, including the beaches, and including those infamous soiled diapers, then cry fowl when they see a dog eliminate itself as his or her human runs pooper scooper patrol behind it.

Many municipalities around the state allow dogs on their beaches and in their parks. They even provide doo-doo bags and waste receptacles for their visitors. And where visitors feel welcome, that's where they'll stay and spend their hard earned ca$h. And for those people, we are most appreciative.

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