Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Horses just wanna have fun

While I love watching horses frolick in a field and simply adore taking photos of colts learning to walk, I am not what you would call a "horsey person." When I was younger, I went horseback riding on a horse the stables said was "normally very calm. " I should have known. About a mile into the ride, "Normally Calm" decided he wanted lunch and he proceeded to take me on a drag race back to the barn. I was terrified and haven't been on a horse since. I admire them - from afar.

Since I don't know that much about horses and their ways, it's not surprising that I would be amazed to learn that horses love playing with toys. Yes, toys. Dogs have toys, Cats have toys. Now horses have toys. There are Web sites that sell them. One is which has items such as "Stallballs" and "Eggbutts" that are designed to "enrich" a horse's environment. Another one has a product called "Likit"which can be purchased from Very cool.

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